[Announcement] Dtec startup, Digital Street, launching new product

:superhero: A labor of love takes flight! websight logo

Not 9 months ago, we began an experiment :petri_dish:

:fried_egg: To see if there’s a small space to disrupt

That space was in maintenance :hammer_and_wrench:

No, not people’s homes!

their websites :love_you_gesture:t3:

With trusting :handshake: clients & partners, we’ve tested demand and quality of service

And just like that, proven a model :man_scientist::woman_scientist:

So without any more gibberish, I am so excited to unveil.

:electric_plug:WebSight by Digital Street:zap:

Our foray into productized services.

This is a new age press release :speaking_head:

View the original post here and follow our page on LinkedIn (WebSight by Digital Street) for updates as we roll this out.

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This is great news, congratulations team Digital Street and welcome to the Forum. I’ll try and support you with this by posting on our social too.

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