Free "Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening"

Prognica Labs, a Dubai based AI powered health-tech startup, announces a free “Breast Cancer Screening and Awareness” campaign. from 1st June - 15th June 2021


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This campaign is in line with The National Agenda and the UAE Vision 2021, which include reducing cancer mortality as one of the main objectives.

The objectives of this campaign include raising public awareness, educating the residents on the importance of early detection of breast cancer, providing guidance, identifying risks and preventive measures, and highlighting the importance of early detection, diagnosis and treatment.

  • 1 in 8 women have chance of developing Breast Cancer in their lifetime
  • 98 % can be treated if detected early
  • More than 75% of breast cancer patients in the UAE seek medical advice after experiencing symptoms
  • Breaking the myths and stereotypes around the subject and making it a norm to educate oneself on it.

About Prognica Labs
Prognica Labs is a Dubai based AI powered health-tech startup aiming to improve clinical outcomes in the fight against breast cancer. Prognica analyses medical images and generates information and data to help predict and diagnose cancer using artificial intelligence and deep learning. We are tackling a long term goal by working on breast cancer screening and diagnostics to make it more accurate, affordable and accessible.