Looking for a co-founder

It would be great to have common forum topics, like this one. I was funded by DTEC. Looking for someone passionate based in Dubai.

Contact me here or at rami.hajjar@gmail.com

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Hi Rami
Thanks for posting. This is definitely the type of topics we’d like here on the forum. I’ll also add your post to today’s newsletter to see if we can help you find your cofounder.

Hi Rami,
Just wondering if someone joins you as a co-founder, then who sponsors the visa and other visa related expenses. Do you already have an incorporated company here in UAE and what is your company about?

No thats why i want someone already in UAE

You mean someone in UAE and he should not be in a regular job here in UAE. Because otherwise when he leaves is job to join you, the visa from his existing company gets cancelled

For example, someone living in UAE with their family and not working. Or a freelancer. etc.

Hi Rami

I’m based in Dubai and have my own investor visa. What is your startup about?

It is about chat and dating.


I would like to know if any one is starting up with new ideas in Telecom Infrastructure and management services.

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Hi Rami… I am interested to know more and probably fulfill your criteria. Sent you an email, lets chat when you can. Cheers and good luck. Santanu

Hello Rami…Well i believe in giving end to end solutions related to all your business problems. You can go through the link below and i would like to assure you the best in terms of all your needs and requirements.

Asif Ahmed

Hi Rami,
What is the size of the fund you have received for this concept. We have worked on something similar and we need to know how big the project could be.