OpenTurf - Your Virtual Technology Office

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes the whole orchestra to play it”

  • Need to showcase a MVP?
  • Facing challenges in scaling up tech?
  • Have a biz/tech requirement but no bandwidth to execute?
  • Difficult to find nascent or new tech expertise?
  • Too many tech projects eating up your time to focus on core business?

OpenTurf is a technology company that provides tech consulting, architecting, solutioning and custom-built automation software to deliver on your business goals. We work as an extended execution arm of CTOs – a Virtual Technology Office for digital experimentations, MVPs and commercial scale-ups when required, with full IP-protection.

Our Digital Bridges (pre-built modules and frameworks), applicable across industries, help deliver value in the fastest and the most economical* way possible!

** Economical does not mean erosion of value. It means value for your time and money.*

Talk to us to explore how we can help add wings to your ideas and scale them up with the right tech.

Kaustubh (Kaus) Kashyap
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