Pitch Decks - Examples from Front, Mixpanel, Buffer, Intercom

Its interesting to look behind the curtain and see how the pitch deck of another startup looks like. Here a view links to some Pitch Decks.

We should try to get some decks from MENA startups that have succesfully fund raised.

Hi Daniel. I clicked on a couple of the pitch deck links, and was led to the article therein. Most interesting reading; however the pitch deck itself that was embedded there did not seem to viewable. My efforts to click on the “next” arrow did not work and I couldnt really see the deck itself. Is that a common experience, or am I doing something wrong here?

Which one do you specifically mean? Which one is not viewable?

Front Series B & the Mixpanel… these were the only 2 I clicked anyway

Hmm, both of them work for me. I clicked on the link and in the article is the embedded LinkedIn Slideshare which works.

I see… let me try again. Thanks for checking it out :smiley:

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