Speaking Opportunity at the Upcoming #XRNext

Immersive Technologies have created a whole new dimension of problem-solving, be it in Education, Enterprise, Healthcare, or any other sector. Many of these future technologies build bridges and connect us – even in the most pressing of times.

XRNext is an initiative by Munfarid, in collaboration with DTEC, HP, and The VRAR Association to summon trailblazer names in ImmersiveTechnology, eXtended Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Transformation.

We invite our valuable DTEC members working in #XR to avail the opportunity to present your work and be part of a live series, attracting thousands of attendees from around the world.

Register your interest to attend the upcoming #XRNext session: Click here to Register your Interest

For more information and for speaking opportunities, Feel free to reach Ebrahim Farid (ebrahim@munfarid.org).