What is the best virtual event experience you have attended

What are you looking for in a virtual event experience ? I’m referring here to the technology itself and not the topics
what would you like to find in a virtual event experience ? either as an organizer or as an attendee ?!

Ease of use is really important both for the organiser and attendees.
A tool with inbuilt registration - we use Teams but one of my bug bears with it is that it doesn’t have its own registration.
Also the flexibility to be able to host the event in a hybrid format so to have a limited number of audience members and panelists in a physical location with the option to live-stream and have online attendees to give more of a feel of a live event.

I agree 100% with you Veronia, the ease of use is the most important feature you should have in virtual experience, especially if you are considering series of webinars and live events, then you would for sure need a platform that can handle all of those webinars and allow your attendees to easily navigate through the event and at the same time provide your sponsor and organizer of insights about the attendees behavior for better ROI on those events
I have seen many events during the past few months in our region, but yet to find one that actually consolidate all of those events into a proper virtual experience
we have been recently active on that space and we are getting nice feedback from organizers